Dental Implants Fort Pierce | Causes of Tooth and Bone Loss

Our jawbone is sustained by the constant stimulation of chewing. It needs constant interaction and pressure so it will continue to serve its purpose of supporting our teeth and facial structure. Bone loss becomes an issue for a number of reasons, but the most common of all is tooth loss. Good thing there is now a solution with Dental Implants Fort Pierce!

Removal of Tooth

Our teeth play a vital role in our system. It does not just help us chew our food but it helps preserve our jawbone. The moment we lose a tooth or a few teeth, that part of the jawbone where the teeth used to be anchored will not have any interaction anymore. It somehow loses its purpose and because of this, it will deteriorate and eventually collapse. Bone deterioration is most rapid during your first year of losing your tooth.

Periodontal Disease or Gum Disease

Periodontal disease involves infections found around your teeth. This includes the gums, alveolar bone, and periodontal ligament. The infection causes your teeth to become loose and eventually deteriorate. The first stage of this disease is Gingivitis with bleeding gums being one of its biggest symptoms. If you are experiencing persistent bleeding gums, you should go see your dentist sooner than later.

False Teeth and Bridges

You might be wondering why dentures and bridges are one of the causes of bone loss. First of all, both dentures and bridges do not stimulate the jawbone because it is not anchored directly to it. For dentures, it merely sits on top of it and that pressure causes the bone to gradually break down. For bridges, it is attached to the teeth beside it. Through time, the adjacent teeth will lose strength and eventually you might have to worry about two missing teeth and the bone deteriorating underneath it.


Unfortunate events happen when we least expect it. Sometimes it knocks us out so hard that our front tooth falls out — literally! Because of accidents, a lot of people have lost their tooth or teeth and sometimes it causes some other serious oral health problems. One example of this is a fractured jawbone. Once the jawbone is fractured and injured, it is more likely to lead to bone loss.

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Looking for Dental Implants Fort Pierce?

If you continue to neglect your missing tooth, your teeth will get misaligned and your jawbone will deteriorate until it loses its shape. Your face will get distorted and the best solution is getting Dental Implants Fort Pierce! Avoid further hassle, damage, and expenses by fixing your problem now before it is too late! We at Smooth Sailing Dental only offer you the best personalized oral care! We believe in excellence in everything we do. Contact us to know more about the services we offer or book an appointment today!

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