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Fluoride Application

Protect your child’s teeth with fluoride.

Healthy teeth and gums is an essential factor to your child’s overall health. This is why it’s important to begin good dental habits even before the first tooth appears. Then, once your child has a tooth, it is recommended that they receive a fluoride application to help protect their teeth from tooth decay and cavities. But that’s not all fluoride does more than merely protect your child’s teeth. Fluoride also makes teeth stronger and re-mineralizes small imperfections in the tooth enamel by attracting calcium to the teeth.

Fluoride is applied in the dentist’s office after your child has received a professional cleaning. It is recommended that they undergo fluoride application 2 to 4 times a year, the number of treatments depending on how likely it is that they may get a cavity. Fluoride applications work best to prevent tooth decay when your child is also brushing and flossing regularly, receiving regular dental care, and eating a healthy diet. Years of research and use have proven fluoride to be a safe and effective means of fighting and preventing tooth decay. Call our experienced dentists today to learn more.

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